The Ruby Nation: Fan Art
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants."--Sir Isaac Newton

Commission from Ian Samson, author of the transcendent genre-defying webcomic City of Reality.
Ian Samson Ruby Nation City of Reality
Fan art from Jesse W Craig, author of the superbly deranged webcomic Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms.
Jesse W Craig Ruby Nation Charisma Kills
Heartwarming art from Vas Littlecrow Wojtankowicz of the darkly comedic and compelling (if not always work-safe) comics Rasputin Catamite and Rasputin Barxotka, both set in the same Soviet Russian universe and period. This piece graciously homages both Ruby and my other comic, Poet Kitties
Vas Littlecrow Wojtankowicz Ruby Nation
Badass portrait of Jiro from Michael Yakutis, co-founder of my online second home at Webcomic Underdogs, and artist for the hilarious My Girlfriend's Dog
Michael Yakutis Ruby Nation My Girlfriend's Dog
Blockbuster rendition of a potential Ruby Nation movie poster by Marius Hjelseth of the complex, thrilling, and heartbreaking webcomic October 20th
Marius Hjelseth Ruby Nation October 20
Another great piece by Vas Littlecrow Wojtankowicz of the Rasputin Comics, this time of Elise in mid-flight on a beautiful evening. Part of a generous awards package for winning the Tsar Cheeseburger contest. Vas Littlecrow Wojtankowicz Rasputin Catamite Rasputin Barxotka
Exquisitely avian rendition of Elise Sasaki-Garcia by Aero-Zero of the webcomic Kyria a whimsical romp into a world of swords, swashbuckling, and swallow-people (or some kind of bird that starts with "S" for the sake of alliteration)
Kyria Aero-Zero
Superbly colored art of Ruby herself by Emily Brackhan of the webcomic Blitz Phoenix, a gripping story about a boy with superpowers whose mother uses him as a lab rat in the least humane ways possible.
Emily Brackham Blitz Phoenix
Beautiful and touching art of Ruby by Sarah Driffill of Princess Chroma fame, a hilarious and brilliantly colored send-up of magical girl stories headed into some pretty deep territory.
Ruby Fan Art by Sarah Driffill ( photo 10706515_699741750119189_1573028053_n_zpsb22e53a6.jpg

Another great piece by Jessie W Craig of the excellent Charisma Kills Studios universe of comics, with Ruby totally rocking the Jack Kirby Krackle.
Jessie Craig Charisma Kills
Another beautiful piece by Vas Littlecrow Wojtankowicz of the Rasputin Webcomics, colorfully depicting a tender scene between Ruby and Jiro (in a much happier context than it originally appeared)
fan art by Vas Wojtancowicz of the Rasputin webcomics photo VasFanArt_zps177b0692.jpg
A really adorable piece of Ruby and Gregory, the cyborg baboon who the team keeps as a pet (and has yet to serve as much more than an amusing background event....YET), by Bry Kotyk. Bry does Welcome to Hereafter, a SacriLicious comic about a town where all the gods of all the mythologies live, work, and fumble through mid-eternal-life crises.
<Fan art by Bry Kotyk of Welcome to Hereafter photo RubyBry_zps568d69f8.jpg
Heartwarming and festive holiday art from the Webcomic Underdogs Secret Santa Exchange, taking care to express Ruby's Jewish faith (and Jiro's faith in Ruby, since he's an atheist). Art by Suzanne Fiore Murata of Wild Domestic, a totally Adorbs comic about the life of a Vulpus. What's a Vulpus, you ask? Read it to find out!
Ruby Nation fan art by Suzanne Fiore Murata of Wild Domestic photo underdog_xmas_72_zps11176e9a.jpeg
Hilarious fan art from the Webcomic Underdogs Valentine's Day Challenge, showing a world in which Ruby and Jiro take less destructive tactics against Beagle Labs and the Apex State. It remains to be seen if vandalism is a more effective approach than combat. Art courtesy of Liz Rosema, of the wacky semiautobiographical humor blog Seize the Absurd.
Valentines Day Fan Art by Liz Rosema of Seize the Absurd photo Valentines-Swap-Ruby-Nation_zpsd7d71079.png
Sublime universe Ruby design by Min Kwon of , a beautiful comic about a clash between the modern world and a fantasy world inspired by Korean mythology and culture. Ruby's been cast as an Elyath, a race with control over the Earth and plant life, hence the big floofy ears.
Keol-Style Ruby by Min Kwon photo rubykeol_zpsvgwlsm8w.jpg
Endearingly cartoony pin-up of Elise by Mike Podgor. Mike, Randall Malus, and Jeanne Paulding all work on theFictosphere, a hilarious site encompassing webcomics, prose, text adventures, reviews, aliens, sex offender robots, cyrokinetic writers of Sonic the Hedgehog erotica, parodies of superheroes that totally aren't making fun of a certain animal-themed mutant from the North, and more.
Elise by Mike Podgor photo Area42Elise_zpseu4sg3oi.png
Striking silhouette of Ruby by Ilya King of the Schlub, a hilarious chronicle of the life of the eponymous creator of the Flaming Bag of Crap, a sensitive auteur who wishes to reform the superhero genre from the inside and move it towards greater heights of creativity. If I said he wasn't so like me it's sometimes painful, my nose might grow...
Ruby by Illya King photo IllyaRuby_zpsipvje875.jpg
Beautiful greyscale painting of Ruby and Elise by Dave Clarke, illustrator and fellow Whatnaut,
Ruby and Elise by Dave Clarke photo DaveClarkeRuby_zpstgsehoif.jpg
Detailed, lively, and humorous Halloween exchange art by BluRaven C Houser, author of unique yet relatable slice of life comic It's Just Another Day. Love the attention to minute character details, including Elise's Final Fantasy VII poster
Fan Art by Bluraven C Houvener photo JustAnotherDayRubyNation_zps53sluxsx.jpg

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